Used Furniture Buyers In Dubai

We provide services of used furniture buyers in Dubai. We buy all types of used home appliances like AC, Fridges, washers, gas & electric cookers, ovens, water dispenser, LCD & LED & 3D T.Vs, used laptops etc.

We also buy all types of used furniture’s like bedroom sets, dining tables, leather sofa sets, fabric sofa sets, cupboards, baby beds, rugs, carpets, complete used furniture of villas/apartments, hotel furniture.

If you want to sell any used items, Furniture Electronics Buyer is the right place for you. We remove all your headache of used items which you want to sell. Please give us a call or contact us via our contact us page.

Deal with us and you won’t be disappointed.

Buying Used Furniture In Dubai

Second hand furniture is often a great option for finding unusual furniture or saving a lot of money. Sometimes you can get phenomenal deals or go the antique route. Because there’s quite a bit of demand for second hand furniture, there are many such online stores. We feature many of the best ones.
If you need to downsize or add more furniture to upgrade your furniture situation, you will find yourself spoilt for choices when you go online. Considering that most of us would go for designer digs without necessarily paying through the nose at a number of high-end online second-hand furniture stores, you also want your money’s worth.

Used Sofa Sets Buyers in Dubai
Used Sofa Sets Buyers in Dubai

As furniture is really costly, most of the people search for various alternatives to get them at the lowest prices. One of them is going for the second hand furniture. But there are cases that you can find various discounts on furniture even it is first hand and you will end up with the same cost as second hand products. So, before deciding upon the best alternatives know all the ways available to maximize your savings

These are some of the websites that make your home decor easy, affordable and an interesting and fun experience with buying used furniture online.

Are you in our catchment area, and searching to sell your used furniture?

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Used Furniture For Buy In Dubai

We provide high quality of used furniture buyers in Dubai. Please note, we don’t collect outside of a fifteen mile radius from our search As long as you’re at intervals a 15 mile radius ( otherwise you are caning to deliver the items) Please send us image of your items to and that we will come back to to you with a quote. All items are collected free within a 15 mile radius. We don’t collect in the least outside of fifteen miles. Example of things that we get.

We buy every kind of quality second hand used piece of furniture and furnishings – together with Table and Chairs, Sideboards, Dressers, pictures, mirrors, ornaments and garden furniture. we tend to buy sofas and armchairs as long as they’re stain free and have a hearth label that meets the 1988 fire regulations.   We do not buy electrical goods, white goods, beds, flat-pack furniture or furniture made of chipboard. 

Buyers Used Furniture In Dubai

If you have got any queries please provide us a decision and that we are going to be over happy to answer them!   WHAT UFBD?   UFBD could be a straightforward manner of shopping for designer furniture from alternative caring owners.  The inspiration of enterpriser Kate Groes and international house decorator Lynne Hunt, UFBD is an on-line altered marketplace wherever high-quality trendy designer furniture may be sold and acquired from a trusty source, while not the fuss or unpredictability of the auction house.  

Sell Your Office Furniture

You’re clearing out your office..

you wish to sell your piece of furniture?

From office chairs, to office desks, to office cupboards and everything in between that point has come back and therefore the horrendous office move is upon you – you wish to sell your piece of furniture as before long as. It’s virtually like moving house everywhere again; solely probably pay less time in your house than you are doing your workplace therefore its one thing you probably want to induce right.

UFBD can facilitate once the time to sell your office furniture comes. If the furniture is quality, and they’re in quality condition, then we’re likely to require them. Workplace things in not-so-great condition but are likely to not get most love from us so help speed up the method maybe by effort out those items.

Here are simply a couple of brands that we tend to like:

How the method works:

  • Send US the names of the piece of furniture that you’d prefer to sell along side images
  • We’ll respond back to you at intervals twenty four hours with missive of invitation for a few more details
  • After receiving any data we are going to return to you with a valuation for your workplace furniture
  • Once you’re proud of the provide we will organize a set of the office furniture. That’s just about the process!  
A few further tips before reaching resolute US:
  • Try and eliminate any litter once taking images. That means that if you’re causing us images of a table, don’t have the desk prime stuffed with loose paper and stationary everywhere. You’ll be stunned to understand that this is able to solely assist to diminish the worth of the quote)
  • Use a high quality camera. (You’re iPhone 4 camera won’t cut it unfortunately. you may moreover be employing a Polaroid to require the pictures with a camera like that). the most effective images are infatuated a professional SLR camera in fact however a phone from the last two -3 years can suffice.
  • Do everything with a smile. (Don’t raise US why it works – it simply does!)

Get in touch with us nowadays if assuming to sell your furniture online & we’ll provide you with a free quote.